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Purposely farting and claiming that fart to those around you to show dominance
Claire looked me in the eye and power farted, the kitchen is hers now.
by Quesojedi July 14, 2018
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like a power lift but with your anal muscles
ROB: did you hear craig shit his pants yesturday.
JOHN: how the stupid fuck do that.
ROB: he had to fart n it wouldnt come out so he start power fartin n a shit came out
JOHN: hahahahah what a fuckin douche
by Rob n John February 16, 2009
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To push a fart out with more force than is necessary, to tear ones sphincter, almost rosebudding afterwards...
Dean - "Dude i totally just cranked a stonker, checkit!!"
Dan - "Shivers mate i think u just split ur ass!!!"
Dean - "Yeah powerfart to the max"
by Defcon58 November 26, 2008
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When the electricity shuts off for a brief moment that is just long enough to cause inconvenience or interruption.
"I had to retype my e-mail because my PC briefly shut off due to a power fart."
by BA from PA October 05, 2009
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