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Great small town on the west coast of BC. A little paradise cut off by the ferries, but great hiking, biking and rock climbing. If you want to get out on the water, or underwater, this is the place.

A wonderful, inexpensive town to retire in and a nice place to raise a family.

Lots to do for outdoor types and a lot of artists. Come on up and visit.
great small coastal town, Powell River
by kallyho December 06, 2011
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Badass place for gangsters and celebritys to hang out and get casually wasted ; similar to Mike Tyson... Ears, Dogs, and Lots of Crack and Meth...

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz a Bear Fuzzy Wuzzy had no Hair Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasnt FUZZY wuz HE?

British Columbia...
Nice!, Where You From? Powell River, Wanna Give 'er?

WTF IZ A ZUNGA!?... gtfo
by nunyadamnbuisnessbetch April 10, 2010
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big town/small city in british columbia/canada. considered one of the biggest party scenes in percentage to most places in canada. most underage drugs/drinking. many drug dealers. has a part of town where if u walk in the forest, you will see marijuana plants everywhere you look. many cases of abuse, neglection, many children forced to go to drugs or alchohol to survive the pain and neglection. hard place to grow up.
-hey, where are you from?
--Powell River dude.
-omg im so sorry, i shouldnt have talked to you, dont hurt me?
by OCDbabyOCD February 01, 2009
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A British Columbian town 5 hours north of Vancouver, a trip which must include a ferry or plane. Enjoy dirt beaches at the local lakes, marvel at the number of shitty oversized pickup trucks, and savour seafood fresh out the sea- although you'll have to look hard for it, since the locals don't like seafood. Also, don't eat any shellfish because most of the local beaches are contaminated with untreated sewage waste.

Culture vultures will enjoy the charming night-time entertainment at the local watering hole the "Zoo", a surely captivating experience.

Tip #1: When a local says that Powell River is a world class destination, agree with him, even though there's a good chance he's never left the province or even been to Vancouver before.

Tip #2: When a local proudly tells you that "zunga" is a locally coined word, smile and nod like you know wtf they are talking about.

Tip #3: Make sure your hotel bookings can be cancelled, because if it starts raining (like it does 80% of the time) you will have SFA to do.
Powell River, the circle jerk capital of Canada
by blaalb July 03, 2013
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not a place for your vacation
end of the road my friend

expensive ferry ride there and back
mostly elderly people
and disabled people
expensive groceries
very few liquor stores, high price
barnacle beaches
fishy/pulp mill smell
rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain,

rain, rain, rain,rain..........
no night clubs, no night life,no party
wish i never wasted my money or vacation time in powell river
by September 11, 2010
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