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A religion in northern and central Europe as its headquarter with Dan E.A.E. Johansson as the lead bishop (which is called Svensk among povains, no one knows why, it's just that way) , it is said that Povas Barila speaks directly to him, both when he's awake and in his dreams.

Povaism is said to be a monotheistic religion. It is centered on the life and teachings of Povas Barila of Lithuania who is strongly connected to the peafowl lat. "Pavo ''crist''atus." which is used as the main symbol and icon in all orthodox povaistic traditions. Povains (or povaists) believe Povas to be the son of the God, the peafowl and thus refer to him as "Povas Cristatus". No one knows how many adherents to the povaism there are but rumours tells it's estimad to atleast one dozen. They are mostly found in Europe and especially the scandinavian pensinsula, the baltics, eastern europe and scattered around north and central of Europe even if some adherents could be found as far as in Spain, USA, China and Turkey.

Povaism is a monotheistic religion and holds a belief in the existence of a singel God who created the universe and has divine power over it. (for a easier explaniation look for movies with Jim Carrey). Povas forms with Pavo Cristatus, more known as "The peafowl" or "God" a holy unity and a single substance of a God. Povaism has nothing to do with Christianity or Judaism even if the "crist" in cristatus have made some confusion on everyone and is used as a proof to make the peafowl as a holy symbol aswell as "Povas" or "Pavo" may refer to "Pope" and "Papa". Almighty Povas said once: Povaism is related with jews. Povains thinks this has to do with that on earth, he took a human body and become jew in a small european state to hide the fact that he was sent by God.

====Povas as a man connected to God====
Most povains believe that Povas is directly connected with the peafowl as the son that obtained a human body and in some way become fully human physically. Povains thinks that Povas has come to earth during one human lifetime to tell what is wrong and what is right connected directly and everywhere with the almighty peafowl. That time is now. If the humans follow him earth will remain, otherwise the "yellow danger" which is the sun, will burn us to death. That he tells us that he is and was alive all the time must be a proof for povains that there are a life afterwards and before the eternity because of the tradition the things mentioned above are meant to be true.
And in the same way as telled above, the lead bishop has strong contacts with Povas.

====The afterlife====
Povains believe in some kind of heaven and hell but is mostly refering to it as "Povas and Kwameh", but it is said that the only one going to one of the places is Birgitta Dahl (google a picture) (no one knows why this is, it is just that way) and the rest will go to the same place as the holy peafowl when they either have died in natural or unnatural ways or being melted by the sun.

====Ten laws of Povaism====
There is "The Ten Laws" that is confirmed via Povas Cristatus directly to the Svensk of povaism, which of we knows 5 (some may wonder why it's not 10, but Povaism is absolute except from when it's relative, even if it said not to be so):

* Povaism is absolute
* Povas was, is and will be alive all the time
* Life is ment to be a good time and you should do whatever you want to fullfil that
* If you do something that not was good for you or others you will feel that and loose useful energy
* You should preferable wear a red shirt and beard if you are a man during holy holidays

====4th of December====
Is said to be the day when the peafowl did send some kind of energy of himself into a human newborn baby. During this day Povas rides in a wagon which is a Fiat 126 driven by reindeers (which is called Poros in povaism) and comes with packages, so called gifts to children who believes in povaism. If they were nice children during the year, Povas, which comes in a red t-shirt and bear during this day give them useful and boring packages (as socks, towels and condoms) if they not were nice they get germanium in their teeth. As usual, no one knows why Povas started with this. Maybe he wanted a career.

During this day most of povains eat fat northern european food as a way to respect the healthyness and colourness of the peaflow. Oh i forgot, they also may paint themself blue and green except for wearing a red shirt.

====Other holidays====
No one knows yet if other holidays exist. If they do, they may or may not say. Because povaism is absolute even if it may be so or may not be so even if it said in the ten laws.

The best known symbol of the povaism is the peafowl other symbols connected with povaism is red shirts, beard and reindeers. Some may connect povaism with basketballs.

The story of Povas reached the Svensk one day during 2006. Since thes he got followers all over the world.
Religions are the same things as povaism, just not as good
by Dan E.A.E Johansson July 05, 2006
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Something that resembles a religion that can be found by hitting random and has a huge explanation as to what it is.
Holy, I just hit random and came up with this page on something called Povaism.
by AAAJ February 24, 2008
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