Sexual intercourse. Usually the vigorous, loud and sweaty type.
We were pounding down on the back seat when a cop walked up.

I was pounding down on her booty when her dad walked in on us.

She likes pounding down on the shower so our water bill is always high.
by Eaton Holgoode January 17, 2019
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An expression used to signify a menial or fruitless task; frequently to be preformed by someone not of sound mind or full capacity.
Giving money directly to a hopeless alcoholic to help him improve his situation is like pounding sand down a rathole.
by modtrtr March 06, 2009
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When a male decides that life is no longer worth living, or that he is no longer interested in procreation or sexual pleasure of any kind; he engages in a unique and courageous act of self mutilation known as a "down pound". The act itself requires the male to sit on a chair or in a hunched position and then proceed to punch downward at his genitals, forcefully mashing and smashing his penis and balls until they no longer are of any use and in some extreme cases, no longer recognizable as genitalia.
In a drunken and distraught state of mind, John Henry took out his sexual frustrations by down pounding his frank and beans into a bloody mess. He regretted this decision almost immediately.
by Pablo Diablo 29 September 20, 2018
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Sex Position: When you are having sex in a recliner and the recliner tips over onto its back, but neither of you stop.
I was fucking your sister in your favorite recliner and we ended up doing the upside down pound cake.
by Wook Weinstein January 06, 2007
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When you pounded the bitch down until she says "I can't take it anymore" ... You make the bitch submit to the super d... You bossed up on that pussy..... Aka "p@co" super d.. Boss uuuppp
Damn Paco pounded her down last night... He's hands down the best Dick I have ever had and will
by #*PACOPUSSYPOUNDN*# December 29, 2017
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When you assert dominance over a petite chick and turn her upside down and then proceed to pound her.
He just walked in and grabbed her up and put her in the upside down pound cake.
by Xrayted May 23, 2019
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