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A word which originated from the Irish language in 1988, when Tetris was a big hit, many Irishmen were playing the game. The defintition of "Potts" basically means very bad at something, most likely a leisure activity, such as games.
The word "Potts" was impressed upon a very bad Tetris player, who essentially, thought he was the man. This man sardonically was nick-named "Pottsie" from there on after.
The word "Potts" is often used today in more advanced computer games, such as WoW (World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG) and DotA (a popular custom game for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne)
Example 1
Player 1: Omg, you've been playing WoW for nearly a year and still aren't level 60!? No offense man, but you really are a Potts at WoW.
Player 2: Wtf, stfu I'm super pro at WoW. I've just had to make new characters because my mate keeps making them!
Player 1: Dude, get over yourself, I can get to level 60 in a week, you are a Potts, you suck. (Wtfpwns player 2 with level 51 warrior)
Player 2: (rage quits)

Example 2
Player 1: Haha, I'm soooo gonna own this game! (picks enchantress)
Player 2: Dude... you're such a Potts at her, why did you pick the enchantress...
Player 1: Sif! She's my best hero.
Player 3: Blind Meat hooks player one through the fog of war. (OMGWTFBBQ PWNT)
Player 1: Omg maphacking n00b! (rage quits)
All: What a Potts! Banned.
by cr4zy n00b ownz0r September 09, 2006
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An word originally from Irish language which describes a agressive person who is not good at domethings but think they are. Sometimes they can get very angry while they know they are wrong but still acting like they are right.
Dude1: hey stop dying okay? We still trying to win this game.
Dude2: Stfu! I know what I am doing. You suck.
Dude1: I am sorry maybe it's not the right game for you, but you have really being a potts.
(Dude1 has left the game)

by Fatass noob August 20, 2006
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