This is when you place a potato spud in a women’s pussy and add some soil. Then you piss and rub your dick on the soil.
Me and Bella went potato farming the other night it was glorious
by Liam is sexy August 9, 2020
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You just got your potatoes farmed in Halo, like the trick ass skiz-ank you are. Oh-Na!
by Dope Fiend March 12, 2005
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A group or gaggle of people with mental disabilities; a flock of retarded people
Rodger: Hey Blake, look at that potato farm leaving Toys R' Us.
Blake: God damn it Rodger.
by OSAndrew December 14, 2014
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When you are having anal and stop abruptly to run to the kitchen and grab several potato’s and shove them in her ass
Dude I totally idaho potato farm her last night
by Frogger Cryox February 9, 2018
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