It's when you 'seal the envelope, stamp it and send it off'. i.e. When a man cums on your butt cheeks, smacks your ass and then pushes you aff the bed.
She wouldn't stop talkin' so I gave her the Postal Worker.
by ChristinaG2 April 21, 2011
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This is possibley the worlds most complicated sexual position ever invented. Requires 3 men a dog and a female amputee, all must be very flexible and missing most ribs. You will also need a pineapple, six feet of extension chord, a potato and a sharp pencil. This move needs a constant balance central fugle operator to keep everything in check. Firstly, one man balances his anus on a pencil, with his feet behind his neck. Then the dog balances on his erect penis and licks his nipples. The next man lays on his head, with his balls within easy licking reach. Then the amputee balances on her single leg, wraps herself in extension chord, puts a potato in her arse, rubs a pineapple on her clit and urinates on the pile. Job done. If all goes well, the big pile should resemble a postman with his hat.
A : Wow look at that, they're doin the unnaquainted postal worker.
B : Ooo i want some of that, gimme that pineapple.

A : That's fucked up, you need help.

B : It helps me sleep.

A : You sick fuck. Don't talk to me.
by ziggabrap July 9, 2009
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When you cum on an envelope seal, let it dry, and then someone licks it.
Frank got me with the Angry Postal Worker again!
by BalsagnaFace April 29, 2021
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The Postal Worker: When a guy shoots his load in the girls ass crack (sealing the envelope) smacks her ass (placing the stamp) and pushes her out of bed (sending it off).
The bitch kept farting in bed so I had to give her The Postal Worker to get her out of there!
by dday85304 April 21, 2011
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