Reoccurring stress caused by frivolous drama(PDSD), as opposed to a real traumatic event(PTSD).
Sally's headache is a symptom of post-dramatic stress disorder, resulting from a big fight with Jane over which vampire is the cutest.
by kris takahashi November 25, 2010
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Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder (PDSD) is a type of anxiety disorder similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It can occur after you have gone through an extremely dramatic or unnecessarily emotional trauma involving raised voices and hurt feelings.
Person A: Dude, I think I have Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder.
Person B: Is that like PTSD?
Person A: Yeah, but instead of being shot at, I was traumatized by my angry girlfriend and stupid students.
by Skybound October 14, 2014
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A condition in which the victim cannot sleep, has marital issues, anger management problems and other anti-social behaviors caused by being dragged to plays, opera, ballet, and especially modern dance performances.
Ever since she dragged him to the opera, he hasn't been the same. Today, he just lost it over the littlest thing...I think he has Post-dramatic Stress Disorder.
by edddddddddddddddddd December 28, 2009
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Bobby: "I think that soldier has post-dramatic stress disorder."

Teach: " no! bobby thats 'Post TRAUMATIC stress disorder.'
by mac112345 August 26, 2009
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When a person who has gone through a dramatic event and keeps on reliving them, AND yet not being concious about it. With the proper psychological treatment, the person can go through those memories again without reliving the actual events over and over for the rest of their lives.
For the sake of this example, we'll say that the patient is called Mark.
Mark is a 39 year old lawyer, who has been with his firm for 10 years. Mark was witness to a shotting from a robbery gone bad. Mark in the process of trying to help the person who got shot, he also got shot on the right leg.

Mark was taken to the hospital and discharged a few days later. He went back to work next week and never took some real time off.

Mark keeps wondering why every time he hears chimes, a sirens or a similar sound, he get edgy and sometimes scared. After the urging from his boss to go seek help from a professional, he finds out that he has Post-dramatic Stress Disorder (PDSD).

The reason why Mark reacts the way he does when he hears certain sounds, is because his brain associates those sounds with the ones that took place when he was shoot.

With proper treatment, Mark was able to move behond that, and has no problems now with sounds at all.
by J. Alexander Hewes October 31, 2006
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1)Still trying to 'Make it'. 2)Sticking with something long after any success is possible. 3)An act of self denile based on the stuborn need to justify a career choice in the arts: Actors, musicians, Great American novelist. 4)Sticking with a ridiculous belief system because you pissed off so many people over the years you can't just own up and apologise.
1)"This 56 year old waiter showed me his head shot. Serious Post Dramatic Stress Disorder."

2)"He moved to LA. He still thinks metal is going to be big again."
"He's got Post Dramatic Stress Dissorder and thinks he's Vince Neal."
by syd jesus May 13, 2009
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Da freaked-out and exhausted emotions dat you experience after "heavy-duty" social interactions invoking minor/petty/non-existent issues dat one or more self-important and/or fame-seeking fellow humans have blown way outta proportion. Think, da red-faced and utterly-drained feeling you'd feel in grade school when da teacher would "make a Federal case" outta some extremely minor error or dispute/misunderstanding between you and one of her bratty/conceited classroom "pets".
I never bother reading "Dear Abby" anymore; too many of the letters are just preposterously-immature social-tiffs about stupidly-asinine interpersonal issues --- disgustedly wading through all of that usually gives me a major case of post dramatic stress disorder afterwards!
by QuacksO November 17, 2019
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