Buying shoes every minute of every day to the point that you cant afford pizza on tuesdays
by Ryanj123456789 June 19, 2019
Someone who talks shit and Touched your girlfriend then you beat him up and make them your bitch and show that there a pussy the girlfriend gets broke up with because she lets him and the girl says the pussy ass bitch is her best friend
The pussy ass bitch is afraid of the boyfriend and the now ex girlfriend is ok with him toching her sexually and the pussy ass bitch is protected by the ex girlfriend because he has pussy ass bitch dissorder the ex if you can't tell is a hoe and the guy protected by her is a pussy ass bitch
by The guy that needs to prove a November 12, 2016
also known as OCGDD,
people who are obsessed with green day, who cant go one day without visiting GDA (, and are sick of people who think american idiot is the only green day cd ever made.
when inflicted with this awesome disease, you know all there is to know about green day and sweet children, from every song lyric, to having every poster,to getting angry with others that only listen to them because they think billie is hot, and dont know the meanings behind any song.
Me: im a proud carrier of OCGDD
YOu: omgzzz whats that?
Me: obsessive compulsive green day dissorder
you: omg i love Greenday! i went to the doctor yesterday...and they looked in my ears and diagnosed me with that!
Me: ?? wtf?
by freakmagnetxxx June 12, 2006
Condition resulting from a combination of low self esteem and hostility which causes a person to disrespect almost everyone else.
That guy is always criticizing and disrespecting everyone. He obviously has a dissorder,
by Travelingmankc April 2, 2021