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Completely misinterpreted in the previous definitions. In Portola Valley people have money but they don't flaunt it. Sure they might have nice cars, but most people have Prius' or cars that are older than ten years old. There isn't a downtown, so residents have to go to other towns to buy food/clothing/anything else. Everyone knows everyone else and will help each other when needed. The public schools here are AMAZING, and not "dirty" as the other definition said. Most people send their kids to public school here and not private schools. It is a beautiful town with many things to offer and great people. People who live here have worked hard for their money and are usually involved in the tech industry. Because it is such a small town, gossip travels quickly, but that is the only negative part of Portola Valley. Whoever said that it is snobby has obviously never met the people of this town. Oh and by the way, no one calls it PV.
You live in Portola Valley?
Are you rich?
Um why do you care?
by justbeingtruthful January 18, 2011
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The Atherton in the hills. Quiet, secluded, where everyone knows everyone. Obviously the people that wrote the previous definitions know nothing about what they're talking about. Everyone is rich here, but there are VERY FEW people who "brag" about their money. People drive a lot of nice cars, have nice houses. But less than half of the residents have vacation homes. Yes, some kids have really nice clothes and cars, but I have a shit car. And so do most of my friends. Almost everyone here is skinny, and 30% of the women here have had breast cancer. Some women have had plastic surgery, but its not LA. There are 3 schools: Ormondale, Corte Madera, and Priory. They are all great schools. The woodside deli has the best pizza in the bay.
Why are you Portola Valley people such rich ugly snobs?" "Actually, if you've been there once in your life, you might actually base your horrible opinion off of some facts." "Don't you have designer clothes?" "This is from Target. Now F**K OFF.
by AddytheGinger January 04, 2011
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Portola Valley is a beautiful little town nestled in the hills of the Bay Area. Unlike the first definition, people living in Portola Valley are, in fact, rather well-off. Needless to say, that doesn't mean they're all stuck-up rich kids--like any affluent area, there are some people like this, but there is also a large population of down-to-earth people who just happen to have a little bit of money. Also unlike the first definition, it is not "smelly" or "dirty," but quaint and rather pretty... anyone who's actually been to Portola Valley would know this. Being in Portola Valley is like taking a walk in the country, and although you may feel rather isolated while in the town, large urban areas including San Francisco and the Palo Alto area are just minutes down the road. A great place to grow up... :)
-Portola Valley's just tryna to imitate Atherton.
-Actually, Portola Valley is it's own town not trying to imitate anybody. Houses may not average at $20 million, but I'd say an average of $5 million still indicates a rather wealthy area.
by PV2012 July 21, 2011
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A place in NorCal where everyone has a soft Irish accent and gives gentle shoulder punches upon greeting.
Portola Valley *punch* *punch*
by Sweeteries October 31, 2012
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It is like the town of atherton in the hills. houses cost anywhere from 4 million to 20 million....its only for rich snobs...mulimillionaires and billionaires live in the area. houses off of cervantes are priced the highest.
people who live in PV have more than one vacation home and their kids own nicer cars than most adults. it is like a low key version of atherton...
PTA parents are everywhere and not only girls but boys wear designer jeans.
PV is for rich snobs who think they arebetter than the rest of the world just because they have more money than the rest of the world
also ex hippies live up on windy hill and claim to be green by everyone driving lexus hybrids.
My girlfriend from the Portola Valley, down in da bay, she got like 5 cars and they cost mo den mah house/.
by sHaReEkA EnTiS May 20, 2007
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Portola Valley is a smelly, disgusting, dirty little suburb that wishes it was Atherton. Unlike Atherton, however, people in Portola Valley are in debt. Meaning they can't actually afford a house which was probably not even worth 2 million when they bought it (ew). To compound their financial troubles, people from Portola Valley buy their children newer cars than they themselves drive. This is because adults from Portola Valley rarely see people from outside their nasty little barrio, so they do not have to worry about the opinions of other people in Portola Valley. However, their children, who must go to private schools elsewhere because of the dirty public school system, will encounter actual rich people and need to try to show off. It is NOT a low-key Atherton, in fact if anything it is an artificially bloated attempt at a copy built with shitty materials on worthless land. In fact, many people in Atherton are content with owning a car that is up to 10 years old, until it becomes necessary to buy a new one, because everyone knows theyre bosses and therefore they don't need to trouble themselves with the opinions of plebians who live on parched, weed covered hills.
ew look @ dat fat bitch she from portola valley

poor people from portola valley call their city "PV" because their inability to afford food makes it hard to exert the energy to say the full name
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