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The Atherton in the hills. Quiet, secluded, where everyone knows everyone. Obviously the people that wrote the previous definitions know nothing about what they're talking about. Everyone is rich here, but there are VERY FEW people who "brag" about their money. People drive a lot of nice cars, have nice houses. But less than half of the residents have vacation homes. Yes, some kids have really nice clothes and cars, but I have a shit car. And so do most of my friends. Almost everyone here is skinny, and 30% of the women here have had breast cancer. Some women have had plastic surgery, but its not LA. There are 3 schools: Ormondale, Corte Madera, and Priory. They are all great schools. The woodside deli has the best pizza in the bay.
Why are you Portola Valley people such rich ugly snobs?" "Actually, if you've been there once in your life, you might actually base your horrible opinion off of some facts." "Don't you have designer clothes?" "This is from Target. Now F**K OFF.
by AddytheGinger January 04, 2011

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