A very isolated rich waterfront town on the wealthy north shore in Nassau County, Long Island. Only 45 mins from NYC also,known as the capital of the world. Port is the most diverse ethnicaly town compare,to other north shore towns like; Manhasset, Great Neck, Roslyn etc etc. Very wealthy, a lot,of rich people and old money in this town. Many,movies and scenes has been shot here like; The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of wall street, meet the fosters, and The Godfather just to name a few.Very calm and quiet. Theres a lot of Lanborghinis, Mazeratis, Ferraris, Porche, Bmw, Mercedes, and Fancy antique cars strolling all,over town once the weather warms up. Great School District. Schreiber High school is the 118th best high school in the country. a lot of fun teachers that grew up here in port. Very funny and actually,knows how to keep the class go by fast. Very passionate about learning and it,doesn't feel,like going to school,is a burden. The teachers even wrestle Once a year. The teachers are even all,over youtube. Fun yet very competitive school that has a big diverse student body that are very intelligent and usually end up attending elite ivy league schools. The middle school don't get me started! The only school in the country that banned balls. Due to many kids are getting hurt. The town even have wolves and foxes wandering around through port, and the Sands Point Preserve. Overall nice town, also known as having the best branch on the LIRR!!!.
Port Washington has a bunch of rich people that happen to work on wall street.
by Nyerbylife February 20, 2015
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"Port Washington...isn't that where Napes comes from?'

Definition: no
Learn it. Use it. Spread it.
by DStix July 6, 2006
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Port Washington is a small town 30 miles north of Milwaukee with close to 11,000 people. Its full of people that think they're more important than they really are, making news on cnn for stupid enough issues as hazing, and a controversial gay survey. Kids are stupid, adults go crazy over everything, but occasionally you'll find someone pretty cool. Downtown has a curse where small businesses shut down every year, and are replaced by another which will just get shut down again. The cops are the biggest assholes you'll find in Wisconsin, and its against the city ordinance for anything to be open 24 hours. Since theres nothing to do after 9:00, kids resort to mischief and drugs. Then the parents bitch about it.
I live in Port Washington, and I really wish there was a 24 hour gas station here.
by frsky February 22, 2008
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Port is a small town on Long Island, NY. Port consists of many different social classes all located in the same town. Port has some of the biggest bitches you've ever met and at the same to you can meet one of the nicest people in the world. The teens go crazy and say how much they wanna leave this crappy ass hell hole of a town, but they all know that once they leave all they're going to want to do is come back. All the kids are gonna realize how much they're going to miss being drunk at the beach, running around the docks late at night, and riding bikes all over town.
Person 1: "Hey I'm from Port"
Person 2: "Ew I hate that shitty town"
Person 1: *punches person 1* "Only the people from this shitty town can call it a shitty town"

Port Washington: the best shitty town anyone can ever live in
by Laxer25 August 14, 2017
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A small town in Wisconsin, near Miluakee.
_Mostly_ harmless.
"Port Washington don't even have a tacobell!"
by Lunpa October 17, 2006
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Port Washington is a hamlet in Nassau County, New York on the North Shore of Long Island. As of the United States 2000 Census, the community population was 15,215.

In broader sense, however, Port Washington includes the communities of Baxter Estates, Manorhaven, Port Washington North, and Sands Point, as these areas share the same ZIP code, school and library districts.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby is set in the fictional East Egg and West Egg Villages, which are thinly-disguised versions of, respectively, Port Washington and Great Neck. The novel portrays East Egg (Port Washington) as a posh, wealthy place of old money.

A lot of rich people live in port.....
in f. scott fitzgerald's novel, east egg is based on port washington
by portpoop August 18, 2006
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A small town located on a peninsula in Long Island, New York. Pretty much you have your sands points and harbor acres where the old rich people that hate the teenagers living in this town and happen to vote for a crappy budget where the school couldnt afford tissues at one point. Then you have your port washington north, soundview, manorhaven, and the ghetto side of port. Port Washington consists of a main street where on friday its impossible to get through 4'1" sixth graders wandering everywhere. You have your two movie theaters, and the most amazing taco bell known to man kind. Pretty much a boring town also known as pot washington for those who dont have anything else to do.
person 1- Mannn this port washington sucks!
person 2- Lets smoke!
by ubercool07 October 16, 2007
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