A otherwise normal mustache that somehow manages to do nothing but make its owner look seedy.
Dave's attempt to grow facial hair ended in a rather disturbing pornstache.
by Jeramiah Quimby July 6, 2009
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Funky looking mustache common among male porn stars
"hey that pornstache sure distracts from his huge member"
by Shower Stalker February 28, 2003
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A specific individual wearing aforementioned pornstache.
That fucktard pornstache is wearing a jacket that only a rigger monkey would have.
by Hannibal March 29, 2003
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George Mendez from Orange Is The New Black. Known for his disgustingly freaky facial hair.
"Oh you know, I got some dope off pornstache."
"How did you do that?"
"Eh, just did a little sexual favor"
by AcrimonicAurax July 20, 2019
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ill-advised moustache resembling a moustache a porn star would have.
CSI's George Eads was sporting a pornstache for several episodes.
by MustangWithInk July 1, 2007
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The pornstache crosses many cultures. The Pornstache is a warm welcoming and inviting look for non sexual settings, but sometimes sexual ones too.
Dave: Shit did you see Ricardo's Pornstache?!?! What a PERVERT!
Margie: Ricardo is the homie he wouldn't harm a soul! Only massage deeply with oil!
by pussidon232 October 7, 2019
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Refers to a thick moustache popular amongst porn stars of the 70's due to the fashion sense and beauty standards of the time.
"You look sexy with that 70's pornstache growing in Phil!"
by factcurate September 13, 2020
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