1. A small rock shaped candy that pops in your mouth.

2. A nickname for the popular ship from the anime My Hero Acedemia, Bakugo x Kirishima
1. The poprocks are so yummy!

2. I ship poprocks OwO
by NinjaDoge67 October 15, 2019
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Strang yet satisfying candy. In the shape of small pebbles when put in your mouth they pop and fizz.

it is said that sometime ago a young boy consumed a bag of pop rocks and a can of Coke and his stomach exploded causing his death.

Def. just a rumor. I have tryed.
Ahh. That pop rock just exploded in my mouth... how nice.
by amberramber June 12, 2005
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Poprocks is the name of a fantastic,talented,beautiful,hot pink furby. Her hot pink fur will make you faint. The most beautiful thing on the planet 💕💕
Your like a human poprocks
I just failed nnn to poprocks
by Poprocks69 November 25, 2019
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as in "DJ POPROCKS" commonly found on the Bradford scene, tearing up the hottest venues with her amazin tracks.
Known to have varyin colours of hair, more recently a distinctive red colour though now black with a hint of blue in there
"is poprocks playing tonite?"
"i want hair like poprocks!"
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It's the new trend with the scene couples. HE buys a bag of poprocks and gives it to HER who gets to suck his dick with a candy coating. Sweet for her, and one of the greatest sexual experiences for a man.
by sixtysixpixistix May 27, 2008
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In the action of intercourse...the man pauses...delicatley opens a packet of pop rocks and pours it into the vaginal canal. And then like a true gentlemen, he waits for the sizzle sounds and then promptly eats her out
“ yo my girl had bad day so I gave her a little Sophias poprocks treatement”
by ObamasthrobbingHIV February 11, 2021
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