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"Popping off" is a verb used when you're doing extremely well and or performing like a professional/better than anyone in your game. Can also be used when you're being accused of cheating in a video game because the sheer amount of god like skill you possess.
by ForeverPandering January 31, 2017
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To excel in performance and or being to dominate a game.
Damn, Michael is "popping off".
by Han Rogan October 09, 2016
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4 have sex. talk junk to start an altercation.
1. I caught these kids popping off in the stairwell.
2. You keep popping off oma bust you in ya head.
by elisues saint October 14, 2007
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1. To tell a story, usually in an excited tone.
2. To share a funny, crazy, or exciting story which was witnessed or experienced first hand.

3. To tell of your successes and failures.
He was "popping off" about this supermodel he hooked up with last weekend.
by becox January 29, 2010
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When someone is making heavy advancements towards attaining a sexual/romantic relationship i.e flirting, they are 'popping off'. Similar to the word tuning.
Person A: holy crap! he started chatting her up the second she stepped outta the house!
Person B: My man popping off back there!
by 360noscope420blazeit August 07, 2018
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