A juicy thick sandwich with a mayonnaise dressing that finishes that crunchy ass like a suit and tie. It is meant to be chucked into someones face so that it pops their eyes out, and then eaten with glorious pain.
Colonel Sanders: If I hear one more mention of that stupid sandwich that is stealing my customers, you betcha life I will Popeyes Chicken Sandwich them down to the core.
by handle.me? November 14, 2019
It is a sandwich that makes you act up
Gabe: Dude logan why are you so weird
Logan: I just ate a Popeye's chicken sandwich and now I'm acting up
by StoopidNurd March 8, 2022
A type of assault were your suspect grabs a sandwich and puts it in your mouth like it is a dick.
by Theshitposter11 November 6, 2019
A Popeyes chicken sandwich is a salty ass crack sandwich that Is mostly consumed in large amounts by fat black women who don’t stan chick fil a.
by Fatnigga1 October 7, 2019
Made with that RATMEAT (it be hitting though)
Bert: Where’s my motherfucking RATMEAT?
Yohan: It’s in your Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich
by RATMEAT!! December 20, 2019