5 definitions by TheSecretImpostor

a gamejolter/deviantart artist and a Papyrus simp/Chara fangirl
she has an evil clone that goes by the name of "Speen"
Jana's Corner made another Papyrus art
this is 69th Chara fanart that Jana's Corner has made this week she has a serious problem
by TheSecretImpostor October 19, 2020
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a gamejolt/deviantart artist that makes shitty art and is a Papyrus simp and a Chara fangirl
Jana's Corner drew Papyrus. again.
this is the 7th Chara art Jana's Corner made this week
by TheSecretImpostor October 19, 2020
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A very amazing artist on gamejolt, with an interesting artstyle and major improvements with every drawing
You: wow! Smudgevolt is an amazing artist!
Me: I know right!
by TheSecretImpostor March 11, 2021
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A girl that a game developer, known as Luke, simps for. She's a pop singer that never sings and is the main love interest in Harmony of Love: An Alicia dating sim
Luke: isn't Alicia Pop Singer adorable??

by TheSecretImpostor February 05, 2021
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A cool gamejolt artist that has a very unique and amazing style
Mazou drew some art
by TheSecretImpostor October 31, 2020
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