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Taking a dump, poop, shit. Squeezing one out.
Gabe: β€œyo man, hold up, I gotta go pop a collar son.”
Gus: β€œaiight dude, don’t pop it too hard.”
by ReggiSnz May 31, 2018
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When a male is masturbating and another moves up unbeknownst to the masturbator and then strikes the testicles at such a time that the masturbator is just beginning to ejaculate.

The side-effects may include vomitting, depression, and penis explosion, which can in turn lead to death.
I have always wanted to pop a collar because everyone always masturbates at my house for some reason and I'm getting sick of it.

Yesterday i walked in on Theo masturbating and I popped his collar. Good thing he was already at the toilet because he threw up all over the place.

by papa smurf 44 February 27, 2009
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