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Amongst other terms, the polite thing to yell when you see a cop cruising around, especially slowly.
"One-time! One-time!" (Then walk briskly in the opposite direction.)
by Trendon January 25, 2006

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Contrary to popular belief, Yonkers is one of the safest cities in the United States if you consider that Yonkers is about 200,000 strong. People who tout otherwise are disinterested in using logic and/or facts. To their credit, Southwest Yonkers (home of the lovely Schlobaum and Mulford Gardens) is absolutely brutal.

The city is coming around. With its perfect residence on the Hudson River (which is a great landmark nobody cares about), Yonkers is rebuilding the waterfront and looking to return to its roots when the city was tabbed, "The City of Gracious Living."
"Mulford Gardens is, by all accounts, a notorious public housing project: a cracking, leaking behemoth in southwest Yonkers that is teeming with crack addicts, reeking of urine, infested with mice and devoid of any soothing greenery or recreational space that its name might suggest. The rest of the city is quite nice."
by Trendon October 29, 2005

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To completely and utterly destroy; usually when referring to an athletic competition.
"Wow, did you see Oklahoma get fuckstomped by UCLA this weekend?"
by Trendon September 19, 2005

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1. Extremely bad; abominable
2. Extremely evil or cruel
1. The party-goers were completely out of control and left behind an asstastic mess.

2. "That asstastic whore just dumped me for my brother!"
by Trendon August 23, 2005

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In football, the expression used to describe when a quarterback stares down receivers before throwing to them. The term is used because a hunting dog will become fixated on the target bird and never take his eyes off of him. This is extremely frowned upon since it tips off the defenders and could result in horrible hits on your receivers.
"Most rookie NFL quarterbacks have to work on not bird-dogging their receivers or they will get their pass-catchers killed."
by Trendon October 15, 2005

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A fallacy that is perpetuated by people as an excuse for their lazy behavior following their diet-crushing Thanksgiving meal. Turkey has no more tryptophan than ground beef and, according to several sources, "tryptophan doesn't act on the brain unless it is taken on an empty stomach with no protein present, and the amount gobbled even during a holiday feast is generally too small to have an appreciable effect".
Instead, people should attribute their bullshit tryptophan coma to the large amount of carbohydrates and alcohol they consume that day... usually after a long drive to a relative's house that is hotter than normal because of the cooking.
by Trendon November 27, 2005

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A post-play celebration used in both American Football and soccer (futbol). In the American game, is it usually performed by a defender after a resounding hit while the hittee is still on the ground. In soccer, it is often used in conjunction with other post-goal celebrations.

The NFL and NCAA have basically put a stop to it by penalizing any player that does it. It is also one of the celebration animations found in EA Sports' NCAA Football 2005. As in real-life, you risk a penalty flag if you perform it.
After a big goal-line hit, a player will often pop the collar by putting their hands near the front of their shoulder pads and make a lifting motion. In response, the refs will happily lift the flag out of their back pockets.
by Trendon November 16, 2005

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