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A nigga that got popped and smoked 😁
Damn pop smoke lived up to his name
by July 8, 2021
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Basically pop smoke is a dude from New York who made a song about a designer brand and all the bitches drop they panties bc it was fire, fuck that nigga tho
by YvngXChris November 3, 2021
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to be/wake up at Pop Smoke concert means that you have died, since he also is dead.

the saying is interchangeable for any popular dead artist therefor useful in any environment, if adjusted.

I've seen it in memes and considered amusing
(1) If you down the whole bottle you gonna end up at Pop Smoke concert!

(2) When you go to sleep with cough and wake up at Pop Smoke concert.. :|
by didierlama December 8, 2020
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Uhhhhh pop smoke put her lip where my dick is UHHHH WOOOOO
by Thiccwater69 September 14, 2020
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When someone mainly a rapper blows up after their death because they died.
“Dude king von just blew up out of no where. Ya I know it’s the pop smoke effect.”
by LORDOREO November 11, 2020
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black guy:yo pop smoke got shot mane white male:get the fuck out of my wifes vagina
by on fo nem January 31, 2021
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Phrase usually used as a euphemism for death. Usually used in the first person to refer to suicide. Relates to the act of partying with Pop Smoke, the late Brooklyn rapper was killed in early 2020.
Bro I just wanna party with Pop Smoke
He’s partying with Pop Smoke now…
by Stormibabyyyy July 8, 2021
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