To say to annoying people that you can’t say any bad words to
‘Your such ugly cowSomeone ‘Pooyyyyyy’
by GrillUp September 12, 2020
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-A substitute for the archaic word, “rad.”
- To describe a person, or thing as having an over abundance of spectacularness.
Ya Pooy Boiiiii just clutched that dub!”
by ThotDestroyer9000 June 08, 2018
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Pooies is a nickname for ugly ass niggas usually named Julian. He has a scuffed beard and looks like a turd. His chode has to be the tiniest thing on this planet, and he has been rejected by every girl he has had a crush on. Try not to cross paths with such an ugly creature because it will leave you traumatized. There is one good thing about Pooies though. His sister is hot as fuck.

Personal Record: 0/5
Pooies: Hi are you Emily?
Emily: yes
Pooies: Hi
*Awkward posture and silence*
by FatChodeJulian February 01, 2019
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A medieval term for a "rent boy" or young male prostitute. Particularly favourable with sailors and the more depraved older gentleman of the time, these young whipping boys still exist today in the lower class parts of London such as Walthamstow.
'eres 'alf a thrupenny, go down the docks n get us a coupla pooys for the night
by =] May 08, 2003
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the state of being covered in poo or full of poo.
that toilet sure was pooy when i was done with it.
by 2ton May 14, 2007
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a person who thinks opposite of you and you have to call them this because you need to let some anger out
Example: An online chat room...

WEBKINZrKEWT: hey dude wassup
TATER-HATER: webkinz suck i am srry
WEBKINZrKEWT: no they dont suck u poois i dont like u now 'polojize 2 me or i leav chat kk
TATER-HATER: i don care if u leav chat homie i don like webkinz they just suck bad man
WEBKINZrKEWT: well you suk cuz u dont like dem dey despise you and dey kill u in u sleep
TATER-HATER: lettem tri man dey no kill me i lock da door dammit
by AeropostaleRules01 January 02, 2008
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