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Used in a situation where some may normally call another a Pussy - however this is used more to insult someone who is foolish, lazy, incompetent, or stupid... whereas "Pussy" would be used more for someone who is hesitant, scared, or afraid.

A Poothy has trouble succeeding in life because they do not have the balls and/or brains to do so.

This can also be said affectionately between friends, kind of like Dubba.
Andrew: "Yo Rafi, brinski, your brother Aref called and said he needs a ride, his Jimmy is dead"
Rafi: "I thought he said he fixed it"
Andrew: "He tried, but I guess he's a Poothy"

Umling: "Hey Nick, where ya goin?"
Nick: "I'm done with football man, I quit"
Umling: "Poothy!"

Andrew: "Yo Will, did you fix those reports yet"
Will: "Not yet man I've been super busy"
Andrew: "You Poothy, Skinner's going to kill you."
by Fasulo June 11, 2018
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