A really cute dog. Basically any dog since all dogs are cute:-)can also be used to describe other animals and babies up until a certain age when it becomes weird
β€œAwHshdhdhdj your dog is such a poopus”
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by LiveCrabs December 23, 2018
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A Term to Describe Ones Ass, Usually used in a Humorous or Sexual Connotation
1.I Took it up the Poopus Last Night & Im Really Sore.
2.That Guy Needs to Get his Head Out of his Poopus.
3.I Gave her a nice Poopus Plunging & Came Really Hard.
by Mark X Kelly May 16, 2006
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A combination of the words doofus and poophead. Originated in San Diego, California
Mitchell (an annoying younger brother): *eats all the hot cheetos*
Jordan (an annoyed older sister): God Mitchell those were mine! You're such a poopus!
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by Vice Vice Baby May 22, 2018
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