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Whenever you go to take a dump and stay there playing pokemon or reading whatever hours after you finish.
Guy 1:I went to poop and finished The Odyssey by Homer.
Guy2: That's some serious poopcrastination right there!
by sefauif May 21, 2010
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when you know you have to poop but you delay pooping because you don't want to poopm
jeremy: wow, I've had to poop all day but i dont feel like going
ericka: now that's what i call poopcrastination
by poopcrastination December 26, 2014
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Putting off bowel movements for no obvious reason.

Do the do's deluding to the deuce.
My aunts prolapsed anus is a clear sign of her poopcrastination.
by Pinky_F May 11, 2018
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