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That shit you take that feels like you're peeing from your ass, and looks like someone poured a can of chunky's soup in your toilet. Poop-Soup comes in 5 different levels.
Poop-Soup levels:

Lvl 1 - brought upon by a sudden discomfort, your stomach is in for a challenge.

Lvl 2 - the discomfort evolves into a pain, letting you know that your ass in a bit of trouble.

Lvl 3 - the pain is accompanied by an almost constant rumble, letting you know that only parts will come out solid.
Lvl 4 - the pain & grumbling are no match for the newly joined back pain, crippling you before you deliver your sloppy mess, which could be easily mistaken for a few Hershey kisses dumped into some chocolate milk.
Lvl 5 - the pain, grumbling,back pain, are all no match for the intense shivers & heavy sweats, this is a definite warning that your asshole will not survive. Nothing will be solid & the memory will haunt you forever, for this the highest level of poop-soup.
Person A: man my stomach has been really hurting, and i get these back pains at random.
Person B: uh oh, sounds like you got a bad case of Poop-Soup.
by AEON KrYpToNiTe May 09, 2015
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A combination of dog and cat loaves picked up in the yard and cooked over a campfire. The bowl weevils and roundworms really make this a tasty treat.
"I put the poop soup back in fido's butt, where it came from."
by Running out of patience April 02, 2007
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Liquid feces that explode from ones anus.
David: What's wrong with you?
Mike: I've got major poop soup going on...
David: Nice!!!!
by superdat37 June 09, 2011
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This is the liquid sludge that resides in the upper tank of the toilet after somebody pulls an Upper Decker. A healthy mix of shit and tank water!
I found a bunch of Poop Soup in my Tank after Jeff's friends left the party yesterday.
by Ed Bodine August 25, 2005
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Undesirable butane hash oil (dabs)often left with solvents left in the concentrate and the concentrate can be very dark in color. Most likely was not made properly
Yo Bob let me see the dabs you bought, oh man that's nothing but poopsoup mids.
by Bobtheman7 September 23, 2017
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