The brown stuff that comes out your anus.

Could be a solid or liquid.

Can contain corn and other contents.

Classified as a number 2


The Clean poop:
The one that comes out but when you wipe, There is nothing on the toilet paper.

The Lincoln logger:
A very long poop that seems to never stop coming out your butt.

The Floater:
The one that floats and sometimes comes back up the toilet after you flush.

The Flog:
The Floater Lincoln Logger.

Corn Poop:
The one that has corn in it. lol.

The Power POOP:
The one that you push really hard on and when it comes out, it's like a shotgun blast.

The wet Poop/Shart:
The one one where you wipe 100 times but there's still something to wipe.

The splash poop:
You sit down, take a fat dump, start to relax, only to have your butt splashed by toilet water.

The Never-ending poop:
The one where it takes you half a year to poop out.

The false alarm:
The one where you sit down,
But the only thing that comes is a series of loud farts.

The Disappointment poop:
The one where you are practically having to push out with all your might but when you look in the toilet, You could swear you see a cocoa puff.

The sudden poop:
The one that suddenly comes out of nowhere and makes you sprint to the bathroom. Once your at the bathroom you just pull your pants off and start pooping even before you sit on the toilet.

And last but not least,

The Surprise poop:
You think that you are about to fart but then you end up shitting your pants in public.

Billy had to poop but couldn't make it to the bathroom. He was then laughed at due to the brown coloration of his pants.
by azncommenter February 16, 2009
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a large, atrocious enormous blob of brownish stuff that comes out of your ass in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes crawling out, other times catapulting out, creating huge splashes.
The poop shot out of my butt at rapid fire speed.

As the poop hit the water, it was immediately lost to sight.
by mike February 14, 2004
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Fecal matter caca poopy poo poo dung scat stool droppings; Funny in theory, not in practice.
Saying you are going to poop on your brother's pillow while he sleeps will buy you some laughs.

Actually pooping on your brother's pillow while he sleeps might just buy you a ticket on the crazy train that heads to the looney bin...
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1. a rock solid or slimy peice of matter u can leave in the toilet for kindergarteners to look at.
2. something u call anyone.
3. something little kids think is a very naughty word...
1. "Ew...Chris left a piece of poop that looks like a banana!" "Wats it taste like?" "hold on, let me check."
2. Ryan, ur such a piece of poop.
3. "Aw..poop"
by Chet and Josh November 01, 2004
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Poops is this kid I went to high school with who pooped his pants in 6th grade and ever since then everyone calls him poops.
Hey poops why'd you poop yourself?
by Don Smelhorn April 02, 2003
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