something everybody enjoys doing.......... except when having anal....
hailey : ooooooo go faster!!!
stan: (smacks ass) yeeeeesssssss
hailey : wait pull it out!!! quick !!!!!!
stan: why?
hailey: because.....(shits on dick) i have to poop....Ahhhhhhhh.
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by mrdinkysparkles February 02, 2018
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n. poop is the waste that comes out your butt.
v. poop can be used as a verb to show that you have to poop
adj. used to describe 1) how someone/something smells 2) to describe what something looks like
noun. "Did you flush your poop ?"
verb. "Did you just poop?"
adjective. "Why do you smell of poop?"
by Manly_Manster_XD January 28, 2015
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✈ An popular restaurant term that's an acronym for:




-Boss: Well first you have to learn a key lesson in fine dining
-Employee: Whats that?
-Boss: POOP!!!!!
-Employee: Ummm.... excuse me?

Man, P.O.O.P. a lot!
by Mr.SP March 30, 2009
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brown (sometimes green) digested waste material that squeezes out of your bung hole
always make sure you dont leave any poop on the seat
by dundlegrundelberrycherry February 25, 2003
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Poop: (aka: Shit, Mr. Big, Butt-Mud)

A smelly, oily substance thats is usually created by eating McDonalds, or an intoxicated late night binge at the local Taco Bell. Discharged from Uranus, "poop" is usually identified by it's offensive smell, and color changing appearence.
(Colors can very from "Baby Poo Brown", "Rum Bum Black", "Beer Butt Yellow" or the dreaded "Fuck me, I cant remember anything about last night, accept I killed a hooker, ate her brains, and took a poop in her mouth Green")
by MC KILLBOT 5000 September 25, 2005
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An item that is commonly used in comical senses. Also used to disgust wife/friends/neighbors etc. Makes a great gift in a bag.
Hey Bill come check out this poo in here!
by Kyle January 13, 2005
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