The act of seeking out fat girls to hook up with. It is derived from the word harpoon which was used to hunt whales.
You like big girls? Me too! Lets go pooning together!
by SamuelDexterity October 29, 2014
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A combination of things. Can be associated with anything from kicking back with friends, staring into space, drinking excessively, not doing homework, and, but not limited to having sex.
"Dude, I am pooning too hard right now."

"Who's down to poon tonight?"
by Codosex April 20, 2010
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1. Surfing the web or talking to your friends on facebook.

2. A last name.
Stacey enjoys pooning Jane.

JANE RHY would say "aww man i was just pooned by stacey"

There's this guy on facebook named William Poon.
by Piirate Sophia October 22, 2008
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