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adj: To describe someone who falls asleep or falls into a comatose like state at an important event such as a party, due to their large consumption of alcohol.

past tense/noun: pooner
Example 1:
Ashley: OMG! Look at Abby is passed on the couch, it looks like she's a zombie!

Greg: Yeah man that bitch is poonin out.

Example 2:

Mary: Where the hell did Mike go? He was supposed to be my partner in beer pong?!

Jake: Uh, Last time I saw him he was hugging the toilet, then he passed out and smashed his head off the bathtub...

Mary: what a fucking pooner!!
by ae123456 January 15, 2009
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to go hunting for poon. going to the bars in search of a one night stand.
tonight is man night and we are gonna go to IC and go poonin!
by Benny Biceps September 12, 2007
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1) The act of looking for some fine poon.

2) Also see Scissoring.
"Oh, Michelle? Yeah, I think she may be out poonin' again"
by Mike Christensen March 21, 2008
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Poonin is very wet, sloppy, down right wicked crazy four wheelin. The best place (some claim the only place) to do or experience poonin is in a little paradise widely known as BT. BT is located in western PA, just east of Pittsburgh. The proper way to engage in poonin is get mildly intoxicated, grab your best girl, your truck and hit the trails. You MUST not hold anything back, this part is extremely important to get full effect. You can go poonin any day of the week, any hour of the day, and even on holidays!

*not recommended to go poonin alone...use the buddy system
Round up the crew...we're hittin up the Hotel and goin Poonin!!!
by Half Twisted December 09, 2010
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the act of intercourse between a male and female
I was gonna come over last night but i was too busy poonin

Time to get my poon on
by CyaNite November 01, 2009
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