a pipe used for smoking crystal meth or crack. (meth pipe)
I'd rather smoke this crystal out of the pookie instead of busting a line!
by d_ray August 14, 2008
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Someone who you love so much as a friend that there are no other words to describe this person. To just want to squeeze someone in a tight hug. Someone who is just so adorable is considered someone's pookiness.
"You're my little pookiness!"
by eshpinibopity October 12, 2006
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(adj/noun) term of endearment and/or representation of someone being really sweet or endearing. usually girls say this to guys when they do something super nice
you are so pooky! thanks for getting us those concert tix!

he sent you flowers to home and work? that's so pooky!
by pookisan July 9, 2006
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Pooki is a dear of the closest endearment. Derivation from Winnie the Poo, and Poo Bear. Reserved for an especially dear enity. It MUST be spelled POOKI no other way acceptable. This is the official defination.
I call both my silver tipper persian cat and my georgeous wife "Pooki" Using terms like "Morning PookI you are looking especially raavhing this morning or Hi sweet pooki lets pet.
by GripperDon May 18, 2008
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Name used to refer to some one you love dearly,normally what the boy calls the girl!

by pookiepie November 5, 2005
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