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Poogitive: Noun: Instead of 'Fugitive', this is pronounced 'Poo-gitive':

This person was actually the first to go #2 (poo; dump; drop the kids off at the pool; etc.) in the bathroom today, did not give warning, and did not spray any air-freshener once said dump was complete. This course of action caused everyone in the office (or household) to point the big finger at the 2nd person to use the toilet, though the 1st person in was actually to blame.
Person 1: (uses bathroom 1 to relieve his/her bowels)

Person 2: (waiting for bathroom 1 to be free so that he/she can urinate)

Person 1: (finishes taking a dump)

There are no words exchanged between P1 and P2. Although, P1 should have given some type of warning.

Person 2: (walks into the death-trap of poo-scent, and urinates because he/she has been waiting so long that there is no other choice but to just use the toilet)

Person 2 walks out of the bathroom just as 1 or 2 people walk by. They, of course, smell the poo-scent and automatically believe that Person 2 is the culprit, or 'Poogitive'. Really, Person 1 is the hardcore Poogitive.

* This situation can be another definition for 'Catch Twenty-Poo'
by L-Stop January 12, 2011
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