A long lost mate who moves to the Gold Coast to become a full time faggot, Posting shitty bar tending and food trends along with gay selfies on social media.
Pissy 1: Ohh man we should definitely take some selfies of us looking suave before we go out
Pissy 2 : don't be a fucking pooch bro.
by Eggyg94 December 17, 2015
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Verb: A. To slack off and accomplish nothing in a given period of time, without getting caught.

B. To chill with the pooches and discuss general matters of pooching.

Noun: A. a close acquaintance who pooches along side you

B .one who has a strong reputation for pooching hard and pooching often.
"whats Gucci, my Poochie?"

"How's it Poochin' today?"

"Keep on Poochin' on"

"You're pooching too close to the sun"
by P-Master Swine March 09, 2018
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pooch (plural pooches)

(slang) A dog.
A dog of mixed breed; a mongrel.

File:Jack hicks, pooch.png|thumb|Pooch, to act pooch-ish, to impersonate a pooch
by QP13FG August 17, 2018
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