n. Title

1. A word to use in place of "Czar" when discussing government bureaucrats appointed to supposedly advisory positions.

2. A word to use in place of "official" or "authority" when discussing those who have no official authority over anything.

3. Your boss

4. Leader of any fraternal organization.
The Economic Poobah announced today that All's Well.
by tangledupinbloo December 9, 2009
A scary leader of a cult or other diabolical gathering spawned to comprimise the national security of the Untied States of America
"All hail grand Poobah! Cross the pit of coals so you may join the black serpents of doom!"
-Cult members
by Kurt April 21, 2004
Word meaning anything; stupid; something you call your friends to joke around. Random word me and my friend Jack use alot.
Me: Hey Jack!
Jack: What?
Me: Poobah.
by Poobah101 April 23, 2011
a polite way of expressing anger.
Oh Poobah! i forgot!
by Jessica4444 March 9, 2011
That poobah wasn't worth the dog-whistle you gave her.
by Frankie S. April 29, 2005