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1. A hybrid between a chart and an article.

3. A tool used by journalists and/or governments who believe their audience has a short attention span, an inability to read and comprehend, or both.
Wanting to prove her point while not giving away too much information, Wanda produced a charticle.
by tangledupinbloo December 23, 2009
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1. Male version of a Cougar.

2. A married man who cheats on his wife, with one or more women of questionable repute.
Tiger Woods should have his name legally changed to 'Cheetah' Woods.
by tangledupinbloo December 12, 2009
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1. Person who is always in debate mode.

2. One who would argue if you said the sky is blue.

3. Person unable to converse normally.

4. One who thinks conversation is a competition.
I say, "Isn't the sky a pretty shade of blue today?"

Debaterbot responds, "Well, of course it's not REALLY blue at all. What you're seeing is light from the sun reaching your optic nerves through all the various gases in the atmosphere, notably oxygen and nitrogen. Not only gases, but particles of dust, ash, water vapor, contrails (don't get me started on contrails), bird droppings, ozone and .......... "

"ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...................................." :)
by tangledupinbloo December 8, 2009
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1. Obsession with Sarah Palin.

2. Fear of Sarah Palin.

3. The belief that Sarah Palin is the stupidest, most dangerous woman...or person...on the entire planet and would set "women's lib" back 100 years.

4. The ability to condemn and entire state (Alaska), and entire group (Republicans), an entire sex (Republican women) or even a friend, because they don't hate Sarah Palin with the same passion you enjoy.

5. Continual references to Sarah Palin, over trivial and inconsequential gossip, thereby giving her publicity and keeping her name in the spotlight.

6. The ability to bore people to death with endless rants about Sarah Palin.
The Palinoia sufferer is talking about....you guessed it....Sarah Palin. She says, "That Caribou-Barbie goes to witch doctors! She goes to CHURCH! She wants to ban BOOKS! She's a bad mother because she works and holds public office! She HUNTS! There's no WAY she can see Russia from her dining room window! If she was elected to office anywhere else but Alaska (because Alaska doesn't even count!), the WORLD would end! No one in their right mind would buy her book! Besides, I hate her accent!"

Responder: "Seek help now. You have Palinoia."
by tangledupinbloo December 6, 2009
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1. Being placed on house arrest in a Swiss Chalet as punishment for being convicted of moleting a child.

2. A really lame punishment, usually reserved for the rich and famous.
It's an outrage that he was merely polanskied for being a pedophile.
by tangledupinbloo December 10, 2009
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n. Title

1. A word to use in place of "Czar" when discussing government bureaucrats appointed to supposedly advisory positions.

2. A word to use in place of "official" or "authority" when discussing those who have no official authority over anything.

3. Your boss

4. Leader of any fraternal organization.
The Economic Poobah announced today that All's Well.
by tangledupinbloo December 9, 2009
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1. Superhero who's supposed to be able to save the planet.
Only Cap'n Trade can save us now!
by tangledupinbloo December 14, 2009
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