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A Ponkey is synonymous with something that doesn't exist. However, many believe it exists. It doesn't. Even if it does, it's probably the turdiest thing this world has ever seen.
Hammie: Do you see that ponkey over there on that chiffarobe?
Anonymous51993: Um, not really because it's not there. It's just a figment of your imagination.
Anonymous51993: (Kills Hammie with a chiffarobe)
by Gobada March 26, 2008
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A donkey cross bred with a pony creating a small equestrian animal. Ponkeies can be of the x chromozone or xy chromozone. Trust me I own three. Can be a multiple birth. Can look like the mare or father.
That ponkey looks like it's mom.
by Dawn Michelle September 26, 2006
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Ponkey(Pawn-key)/ alt. ponkay(pawn-kay)

Noun. A ponkey is a magical, heavenly cross between a donkey and a pig (and P.M.W.R.). Seeing a ponkey (which is invisible) will grant you good luck and your true love will kiss you passionately. All ponkies are in people's heads. However, they tend to wander away often. Consequences will be severe insanity, chalkboard obsession, non-stop blabbing, and philipean. There are only two ways to get your ponkey back:
1) You must pray to the ponkey god (Hamily) every night.
2) You must do a religious ritual in which you wriggle your arms in an insane fashion towards a sane person's head. Then, you can steal their ponkey.

Board of Ponkeys:
H.P. Creator of All Ponkeys Also entirely insane
E.B. Keeper of All Ponkies Slightly less insane than the rest but still quite insane
A.I. Keeper of Ponkey Records/secretary Insanity, 'nuff said.
P.M. & W.R. Inspiration for Ponkies

Ponkeyless people:
- Shafayet
- Seth
Shafayet: Oh M Gee. Did you lose you're ponkey again?
by Ponkey March 14, 2008
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is often a girl, an ugly girl, that looks like a combine of a pig and a donkey. she is fat and short and has giant protruding buck teeth. aka connie
guy: dude look at that ugly chick

dude: she's such a ponkey
by ha ha ha... not ponkey March 28, 2009
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From the Afrooocan American word honkey referring to white man. This is actually the dorkiest of the white men. Usually walks funny, and has a cooler older brother.
Why did that ponkey have to crash our party. Who brought that ponkey. That ponkey can't shoot worth shit.
by kcmustyle April 01, 2004
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A stange dwarfed equine derived from the mating of a pony and a donkey.Commonly white in colour with black extemitys
Hey quentin that donkey look as though its trying to climb over that pony but cant quite make it.................. SOME MONTHS LATER: W.T.F is that! is that a ponkey?
by BOWEN May 11, 2006
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7 and a friend were in a geogeraphy class and i drew a random Monkey, he sed it was a panda that i drew. after 1 minute of argueing we decdided it was a cross between both-a ponkey! mating call "orrraaarrrrrruuuuuu"
ahhhh a ponkey is attacking!!!!
by Adam white July 18, 2006
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