A mouthbreather who is also a handsome tall young guy
Person 1- Look at Ponder over there

Person 2 - what’s a ponder?
Person 1 - a tall handsome guy who’s dumb and hard to talk to because of it
by Pimp me April 2, 2021
1.to think about something important

2.to get out of an awkward conversation
1.I ponder if wonder means the same thing as ponder.

2.I gotta go ponder about this for a bit...um...SEEYA!
by THE Crazy Lunatic November 2, 2005
The king of pot-heads.

A man that stays high in any circumstance and cruises through life effortlessly.
Balthazaar- " Man I can smoke more than anyone. I can smoke ten blunts in a day!"

Keeshawn- "Hell naw playa, I know a dude that gots you beat. He can smoke an ounce an hour... That dude is the real Ponder."
by THEponder March 12, 2010
Basically, a word used to describe a walk, not to any specific place. Normally through a crowded room or city centre, at lunch. The aim of a ponder; to take in the general banter of the surrounding people and to laugh at people when they do funny stuff, when they think no one is watching.
Lauren: Hey, lets go for a ponder.
Kym: yeah, sure.

Nicola: where were you at Lunch today?
Kym: We went for a ponder. (smiles to herself (bound to happen whilst pondering))
Nicola:i completely understand.
by AnthonyHorowitz'zfan May 9, 2013
The act of monetizing ones position in a church office.
This revelation from God is going to make me rich if I can find a way to ponderize it.
by bk_urb October 8, 2015
To memorize a concept while deliberately choosing not to contemplate its meaning.
Kate was determined to ponderize her cult's leaders manifesto, fearing further study would destroy her faith.
by friesounz October 7, 2015