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pomme alert, we need to find some pommes, there's so many pommes!
by paris:) February 19, 2015
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1)Australian offensive word meaning British people.
2)French word meaning apple(s) (singular-pomme)
"i hite poms, thire ackccent ais so davicult to heear, dont u thin?"
"fuck ya maite, im bloody bri-ish, bitch!"

"j'aime prend le pommes, do u rick?"
"Wtf, dont be gay, when did u start learnin french anyway?"

by Slamdunc March 02, 2006
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A nickname that is usually given to the crazier one of the group. If someone is given the nickname Pomme, they usually refuse to eat anything containing apples and refer to it as cannabilism.

Can also be used in any given sentence, even if it does not appear to make sense
Oh, there goes Pomme! She can be a bit odd sometimes.

Hot damn, i would sure like to pomme her back at my place later.

For pomme sake, i've lost my chocolate salty balls
by Bananasandtacos March 24, 2010
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Apple, Fit, Gorgeous or alternatively a person you dislike and wish to let them know of this.
i eat pommes, she is pomme. POMME!
by Yukon Jack93 September 28, 2009
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A word that can be used in any situation, because it is amazingly fun to say.
Please! Be my pommefriend!

What the pomme is this?

I stuck my pomme in her pomme and pommed the pomme out of her pomme
by Kneeofjustice January 29, 2010
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