1. Spanish for Chicken.

2. When a Mexican is crossing through the border, they constantly yell out "Para Aca", which in spanish means "this way". When yelled in the shortend slang way in spanish as "Pa Ka" it sounds like a chicken crying out "Paa Kaaa!!" Thus why they are called Pollo's.

3. A term used to describe a Fresh Over the Border FOB Mexican. These people are usually very dark and wearing old clothes from about 10 years ago. Such as old faded Super Bowl shirts and caps from the 90's.
Joe: Did you see that guy driving that old beat up bucket, wearing those rags?

Dan: Yeah, that guy must be a pollo, probably has no car insurance too.

by EscaVi from SD March 11, 2009
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Are U pollo?
by 25IMF July 3, 2019
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A slang term used mostly by mexican-americans or pochos to describe a Mexican that is unsophisticated, uneducated, and doesn't speak English very well or at all.
" Paco looks like a Pollo when he doesn't wash his clothes for a month."
by Paco March 17, 2005
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It means chicken in Spanish, as in coward.
"stop being a Pollo, the movie isn't even scary."
by TedStyle November 29, 2017
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An Illegal Mexican immigrant. Usually uneducated and un-skilled called pollos or chickens in english because of the way they follow smugglers or polleros through the harsh dessert.
Paco looks like a pollo with those out of date clothes.
by Paisa July 1, 2005
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A group of illegal immigrants that look like a heard of chickens walking across the border.
Hey holmes check out all those pollos standing in front of Home Depot.
by Paisa July 1, 2005
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KFC_ES... that’s all you need to know...
by MaxZigZagz November 4, 2020
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