The process of trying to get with someone of the opposite sex through means of conversation and/or acts that have the intention of one day dating the person
I been politickin wit dis chick for a minute now..
by Ðj-><l2./\¥ \/!§!()|\| November 26, 2005
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being fed up with the current situation of government;
man, I'm so politicked I don't even know who I'm voting for!
by 11eleven September 03, 2008
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Bloated beings that get under the skin, cause irritation, sickness, and lead to death. Main food source is the life blood of other beings.
Congress, Senate, Other Government bodies making arbitrary law and regulations to enhance their own political standing or prosperity at the expense of those whom they serve by engaging in Politicks.
by stillcrows August 19, 2011
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The resulting anger from a two party system that fails to serve any interests but their own.
"I voted for the Democrats,but I am as politicked-off with them as I am with the Republicans;they are all a bunch of self serving jerks."

politicians angry Congress Democrats Republicans
by Bart's Mom August 22, 2009
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v. When at a crowded rock show, it is the act of using the area cleared for a mosh pit in order to maneuver your way closer to the front while simultaneously mimicking a desire to 'mosh'.
Bro 1 'Bro, I can't see the band from here, and this song is my JAM!'

Bro 2 ' Well, broseph. Why don't you use some mosh pit politicking to maneuver your way to the front of the venue so you can get a better view. You must act like you want to mosh, though. Otherwise dudes will know you're just trying get to the front, and they'll crush you!'
by nyjetsbocc October 12, 2009
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Involves kissing ass to people in power that can propel them up the social or corporate ladder. How white boys kiss ass for means of personal gain. White boys usually use this method leap frog each other and help each other out.
White boy politicking at work:

“Hey Bob was in the brought the manager muffins and coffee and was in his office for two hours!”….“You know that’s Bob white boy politicking for the promotion”

“Jamal has been white boy politicking with the supervisors at this work party the entire night, he didn’t even say what’s up to us smh”
by JB 63 July 20, 2021
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For people who have no idea about politics in general. Or politicians going about everything wrong.
"You see Trump trying to get all politickally?"
Or it could mean a delicate political debate.
" You mean we have to get politickally with these terrorist assholes?"
Taken from politically and tickle.
It's voting time, everyone's getting all politickally.
by Aec cross December 24, 2015
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