guy 1:hey you watch that porno i gave you last nite
guy 2:ye i was polishing the wood wathcing it
by cheese-knee March 5, 2008
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When your friend asks about your questionable decisions/sexual escapades/conquests from the previous day/night.
"Hey (insert name here), did (insert other name here) polish the wood last night?"
"Greetings. I am not entirely sure what you mean. But let me assume you are talking about how I got my brains fucked out of my skull several times over from 3pm Sunday until 3pm Monday."
by thefratlordoftheskies February 1, 2016
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What you should have done...instead of getting her pregnant!
He: "Damn! I should have polished the wood instead of knocking you up!"

She: "You were. But you forgot I was there!"
by Carl J. Maltese October 24, 2007
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Masturbating with such a volicity that the penis has a shine afterwards
The young electrician, when not frequenting glory holes, spent his time polishing wood with glee!
by Angry Stockholder July 17, 2019
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