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A term used to describe something (usually an object) in good condition, but overall being a piece of shit.
Hey, theres a free TV over on the sidewalk!

No thanks.

It looks functional and relatively new!

That TV is basically polished shit. It looks good, but its still shit.
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Wealthy or rich snobs who are otherwise unattractive, dirty, whorse-man whores, doesn't shower, bitches-dicks, think they are so much better but in all reality wouldn't last a day in the real world bc they are stuck up bitchs whom live off of their families wealth but no one actually likes them but acts like they do because well they are rich but very ugly and dirty and well nasty
Katelyn weigen and all of her friends and associates are a bunch of polished shit!
by Apparent "dirtball"-_- July 28, 2016
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