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A new weather phenomenon, where arctic weather gets pushed towards more southbound regions of planet Earth, and the arctic regions get much milder weather.

Scientists haven't been able to give the public a probable cause for it, so people speculate it has something to do with climate engineering, or green house gasses screwing up the upper atmosphere.
"Shit dawg! Since when does Chicago and Detroit have North Pole weather?"
"Pfff man - Since those climate engineer mothufuckas been screwin around with the upper atmosphere and trying to cool down North America with weird-ass Polar Vortex technological shit, yo."
by RonoMacco January 31, 2019
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Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
by wix99 September 20, 2016
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A weather system that results in record-breaking cold temperatures. Can also be used as euphemism for "really fucking cold" or "fucking freezing."
Schools are closed because the polar vortex dropped temperatures below zero F.

My heater broke, now my house is a polar vortex.
by dazed.konfuzed January 04, 2014
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That act of performing fellatio with an ice in one's mouth and swallowing the semen and whole ice cube in one go.
So last night, Wendy came over and she tried to do a polar vortex but she sneezed and it came out her nose.
by Jack_Fox_11 January 08, 2014
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1.) A Polar Bear's ass, anal opening, or butthole.
2.) A human's ass, anal opening, or butthole in the Winter when the temperature is below 0' degrees.
1.)The Polar Bear took a dump and got shit all over it's Polar Vortex.
2.) It's so cold outside, my Polar Vortex is freezing
by Oldschool Rocker January 07, 2014
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When a gentleman sticks his erection into a pale of ice water then quickly inserts aforementioned boner into the vagina or anus of the receiving partner.
Oh, bitch, you're about to feel that Polar Vortex
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by Quinnythepooh February 01, 2019
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