Pol is a folleti, he get pussy, he is a pussy magnet he makes girls happy and feel turn on while close up situations. His jerseys smell super good and always have a huge cock.
girl:He is such a Pol
other girl: I love Pol
by Jeffmackinner March 13, 2017
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The best penguin in the world.
Hilarious, lovely and cheeky, a Pol will make you laugh until your eyes bleed.
They are always extremely talented even though they don't know it, even if you remind them EVERY DAY.
A Pol will always be a great friend, and man do they love to hang around on icebergs, what a penguin!
Friend- Hey, is that Pol?
Friend 2- No that's a penguin doing ballet!!
by pdawgydawg August 12, 2012
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A very humble and intellectual person. From hardwork and perseverance. Makes for an amazing friend and a greater person, imagine not having someone named pol in your life.
You remind me of my great friend pol :)
by z33 October 12, 2019
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Its a russian word describing the gender of OBJECTS, NOT a verb. All objects have a sex in Russian, whether its a table or a dildo.
about a car : "She's a beauty" ; pol of car = female
by Yaro June 11, 2006
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Person One: What are you doing after school?
Person Two: Having pol with my cat.
Person One: Ew.
Person Two: Just kidding. Your cat.
by velocitygrrl January 19, 2006
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Pol just a so beatiful person, he don't feel like it but he just want to make you happy! So beautiful.
Usually he always wear black clothes.
A Pol hide their feelings from others.
but NEVER let a Pol escape from your life.
Pol is unic person and YOU WILL ENJOY THEIR WARM HUGS!

Can we speak about...
.. HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE?!!!! just he is a god
Remember: If you have a Pol in your life enjoy it<3
Pol <3
by Noichi November 21, 2021
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Stop being like pol
by Pussyhaver March 1, 2022
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