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Person One: What are you doing after school?
Person Two: Having pol with my cat.
Person One: Ew.
Person Two: Just kidding. Your cat.
by velocitygrrl January 18, 2006
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The best penguin in the world.
Hilarious, lovely and cheeky, a Pol will make you laugh until your eyes bleed.
They are always extremely talented even though they don't know it, even if you remind them EVERY DAY.
A Pol will always be a great friend, and man do they love to hang around on icebergs, what a penguin!
Friend- Hey, is that Pol?
Friend 2- No that's a penguin doing ballet!!
by pdawgydawg August 12, 2012
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Its a russian word describing the gender of OBJECTS, NOT a verb. All objects have a sex in Russian, whether its a table or a dildo.
about a car : "She's a beauty" ; pol of car = female
by Yaro June 11, 2006
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A gang of 3 thugs from Oregon. They drive sick whips wit big custom rims. They dress fresh and always got da newest shit! They even rap and Summer 2010 first album release!
guy 1: "have you the song Slow it Down by POL?"
guy 2: "ya man they fresh as hell when that album drop!?"
guy 1: "Summer 2010 man!"
by P.O.L June 14, 2010
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Abbreviation for Pouch of Love. Established about two years ago; it is a small group of people who are best friends that happen to be awkwardly close. They enjoy having parties, and cuddling with each other. They also dont seem to mind that the vast majority of the population is creeped out by them. Please see "Cult" for further definition.
cultPOL loves to cuddle. :)
by rebekahtheamazing December 25, 2009
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