Pokerstars is a place where someone can go when they are just too relaxed. Within seconds of entering PokerStars the relaxation will simply melt away as you quickly became frustrated beyond what you thought possible. While at PokerStars you can pretend like you are playing poker, but truly your fate has already been decided by the time you sit down at a table. You can be sure you will get a lot of great hands, but there will always be a better hand so that PokerStars can take in their fabulous rake.
I went to PokerStars yesterday. So I had AA, and this other guy had AA, and two other guys had KK. We all went allin, and the board made 34567, we all split and lost money because of the rake.
by Your Mom July 12, 2004
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A terrible poker site where the draws are so ridiculous that they defy mathematical odds day in and out.
I flopped 4 Aces in hold'em and went all in. Some donkey then called me. Then I busted on the river to a royal flush. Can you guess what poker site I play on? That's right "PokerStars".
by Dumachum January 26, 2009
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Verb; referring to the action of having a fellow poker player reap the rewards of a unfavourable river card in a hand that they should have folded long ago.
I was playing poker against some donkey that was obviously new to the game. I had three Jacks he had a nothing until the river card completed his gut-shot strait. The bastard totally Pokerstared me.
by Roxyhound March 24, 2008
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An online poker site full of bad beats from left to right. You will come in with the best hand, and some nub will get runner runner nuts. Then you end up putting more money on the site and say you wont let it happen again.
you are first to act and have AA and raise a good amount, everyone folds, big blind calls with 7 2 because hes a nub, flop is A 2 2, all the money goes in, and the river is a 2. "WOW, what a PokerStars hand!"
by Sergio R. February 05, 2006
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If you want to think you are playing poker then Pokerstars is where you can go. Upon arriving there you will lose all money and sanity that you have. What will drive you insane is that you will get spectacular hands (AA,AK) and no matter how much you bet before the flop (both real and play money) some idiot will call with a 5-4 offsuit. Or another possibility is that you will hold AA and the flop will be something like A,7,J. At this point you will push all in for over $100 (in real money) and the noob will call with 5-4. At this point you will be more than a 99% favorite to win the hand. But to your utter disbelief the turn will be a 3 and the river a 2 making the idiot a straight which beats your 3 of a kind. After losing said $100 you will either cashout and run like hell or suffer more highly mathematically improbable bad beats.

Where a great hand loses to a phenomenal one.

If you are dealt KK you can bet your sweet ass someone has AA and QQ in the same hand.

Defies all mathematical probability.

The river always determines the winner. See riverstars
Before the flop I went all in with AA and 3 people called. Of course one guy had KK, another QQ, and the last guy had 22. The flop came A,K,Q making trips for the first three people. Then the turn and river was both 2's giving the idiot who bet almost $200 on ducks winning everyone's money. Not only did the sucker win, but so did Pokerstars who took a nice rake.

Getting dealt AA 5 times in a row and losing each time.
by malice1325 March 20, 2006
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A place associated with bad beats in poker. A pokerstars may be rigged, but most likely is not. A typical situation at a pokerstars will occur when you are tricked into playing hands where you have a huge advantage, but doing so will simply increase the pot, thereby increasing the rake the pokerstars will take in as profit. You will lose most of the good hands you play. A pokerstars will allow you to make a few final tables in big tournaments, and then give you bad beats so you don't make at least a dozen more final tables that you deserve to have made. A good site overall, but the stress a pokerstars will cause you is outrageous.
Person #1: I was playing poker last night and I went allin on a flop of AK5 with my pocket 5's, and someone called with 910! Turn was a J, river a Q and I lost! Someone else in the hand even had pocket queens, and a fourth person even had AK!
Person #2: What a pokerstars hand!
by I want my money July 11, 2004
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