A portmanteau (I believe that's the correct spelling, a combination of two words in one, not dissimilar to a contraction.) of Pocket Monsters. Started by Japanese developer -something- Satoshi from 1990 to its release date six years later. Based off of the small, spherical capsules holding collectable toys. It spawned several side-fanchises like toys, a trading card game, and even an anime

Throughout the five generations, somewhere around 20-22 main-series titles have been released, as well as extras like the Myster Dungeon and Pinball games. This started with Red and Green, and is leading now with Black 2 and White 2.

Unsurprsingly, many people here are butthurt and hold the first two of these Generations, Red (J), Green (J), Red, Blue,Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal as the highest and superior game because they are too ignorant to accept the games that have come around for over a decade. They are known as "Gewunners."
Bob: Bro, I just caught Zekrom in Black 2, you gotta check this shit out!

Joe: Seriously? L0l only gen 1 is good all rest of Pokemon is g4y l0l y0l0 swag.

Bob: Come on, man, why do you gotta be a Genwunner? Just try it out...
by SovietBear December 26, 2012
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The greatest TV show and Video Game EVER!!!
Person 1: Dude, my Typhlosion just learned Flamethrower.
Person 2: Thats Awesome, Typhlosion is the best pokemon.
by Idk What to call myself April 24, 2010
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the greatest nintendo game ever made, yet it was butchered to death in near futre in that which we live in now as nintendo got over their little inflated heads as not ending when they should and aiming pokemon to little snot nose 2 years old who have no idea what they're doing and neglecting and isolating the older players who appreciate a good game when one is presented.
teens make fun of those still into pokemon as it is for "little kids" but yes the anime sucks dicks, but pokemon red and gold still pwn. Also americans totally screwed up pokemon as with all good anime that appear on regular tv channels
by lightxknowsxall February 18, 2009
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Creatures abreviated for Pocket Monsters. These Pocket Monsters replace animals. These things have either normal, dark, flying, psychic, steel, bug, pioson, rock, ground, grass, water, fire, fighting, ice, ghost, ???, electric, or even two of any of these types, which is oftenly called a dual type. Pokemon go with trainers, cordinators, or regualar people as comrades, teamates, pets, or even could do jobs for their masters!
1. Pokemon is not violent, is it?

2. To Pokemon, or not to Pokemon, that is the question.

3. Pokemon shall not be uncool, as long as I say so.
by Who again? October 09, 2006
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It's video games, cards, and a TV show... the TV show was geared towards kids and was really lame. THe cards were geared towards kids, but they were such a complicated game that no one knew how the hell to play so they would just steal them from each other. The games are really good and was the second-highest selling video game in america after mario.

POkemon made some major adjustments in the second generation of games to make them less violent and enslaving-- like the concept of pokemon evolving when they really like you (you have to spoil them.) And pokemon hatching from eggs rather than being caught. Also in the 3rd generation you had the option to not battle at all and just enter little contests with your pokemon.

It's true though, they're scraping the bottom of the barrel now that they have like 385 pokemon.

People accuse the creator of pokemon (i forget his name) of attempting world domination, and say things like "it's such a stupid idea" about the series. Well, whatever, but obviously he had WAY better ideas than any of them because THEY aren't the creators of multi-million dollar franchises.

People like to use pokemon to be racist against japanese people. See below.
Those japs are like, "OOO ping pang pong!!! We take ovah world with pokeyman! We bomb pearl harbor!!!" That bastard rich businessman deserves to DIE!!! anyone who likes to play pokemon has committed a sin worthy of DEATH!!!!!
by You are being watched August 30, 2006
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1. A Gameboy game which might have actually been okay if not for the other shit.
2. A creepy-ass card game.
3. A creepy-ass TV show.
1. I still play Pokemon Blue version. No school like the old school.
2. My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard/And they're like, do you wanna trade cards/Damn right, I wanna trade cards/I will trade you, but not my Charizard
3. Did you see the new episode of Pokemon? James gives Wobuffet anal sex!
by Cortana Dragoon July 12, 2005
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Pokemon is a fun and cool show.
The games are great and the graphics and fantastic.

The TCG is a game where you play your pokemon cards and trade them to other people and the designs of the cards are like wow.

The show is a bit startling because it is a bit kiddy and the emotional parts are like: please spare my darling sneasel so we can get on with our life and marry! O_O

The merchandise is like the trading card game, awsome and cool.
Apart from the show every thing is Awesome!
RED and BLue: Not good enough but the original game~the ones who started it.2 stars

Yellow: Better but still not good enough 2stars

Gold and silver: Much improved but when can we choose a girl?2stars

Crystal:Much MUch more improved and can choose a girl now and animated pokemon Sprites,Cool! 3 stars

Ruby and saphire :Very Much improved and with contests but what happened to the animated sprites in Crystal? 2 stars

Emerald : Yay animated sprites! and battle frontier too, 5 stars!

Diamond and Pearl: like above but without battle frontier but better graphics ,wi-fi and better contests!But it does kinda suck... 4 stars!
by Beaconetric August 25, 2007
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