PROPERTY OF __________________
like P.O.M= Property of Me
what your boyfriend might write on your hand and the same you to him
also can be pissed off
an type of officer dude
and a post office
freddy wrote on my hand
i wrote "P.O.M"
i was so happy
by cutie4u May 17, 2007
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I was about to go down on Judy, but she had terrible PO so I came right back up.
by z7prophet July 09, 2009
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the meaning of life. can be positive or negative. can be feminine or masculine. can be a verb, noun, adjective, adverb. anything.
what a PO.

that was so PO.

you're such a PO.
i was able to PO that exam.

you PO me off.
by PO-LEE. May 06, 2009
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London Slang...

Short for potent, especcially when describing skunk.
1: Man that shit is po'.
2: Yis!
by Croydon December 19, 2003
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short for Peace-Out!
Little guy: I gotto go..
Big guy: PO, dawg!
by NicaCop February 11, 2006
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O M G! She like stole my whole bag of chips and I got so P.O. "P.O!! Give them back!"
by Kazzy xox April 10, 2009
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