A verb. An action in which an individual is monitoring or speculating an aspect of another person’s life. Usually done in jealousy or tied to some form of inferiority or self-consciousness. This can refer to many things such as hoes (men or women), success or mostly in regards to financial status. Made popular by the illustrious rap group, the Migos; pocket watching was originally used to refer to an envious or covetous individual is worried about funds which are not their own and they did not put the work in to receive said benefits. They are solely empty husks of people who are worried about another person’s shit and are as the migos would say “bitch niggas”.
These individuals be pocket watching, minding another’s wallet. They are worried about what I have yet does not have shit if they own. They did in fact not make it out of the mud.
by Mashlightskin September 26, 2022
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If somebody is looking on how much money you got.
A: "See how they're looking at us?"
B: "They're pocket watching!"
by DoubleM-Bay September 9, 2013
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Monitoring someone's expenses to determine their financial status.
Girl I'm pocket watching this time I can't deal with another broke nigga.
by BeardGangERNurse October 13, 2017
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Someone’s looking at you trynna figure out how much money you have, usually in order to take it.
My neck, my wrist, my teeth on hockey

You be pocket watching but it's nothin' in your pockets -Hockey by Rico Nasty
by kellyee August 24, 2020
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Nosing around in another person's financial none-of-your-damn business.
"... Why would you wanna pocket-watch me?" Marshawn Lynch asked.


"Your eyes is on my pockets—you wanna know about my money situation," Lynch said.
by gfmack13 June 9, 2016
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To speculate about how much money someone has or earns
I swear he can’t be getting more than £200/£250 a gig? He earns more than you think! Why do you have to pocket watch?
by GhostDS June 15, 2019
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As used by migos and other trap stars pocket watching is when somebody else is worried about your funds
them: "peep her red bottoms, I wonder how much she make".
Me:"why you pocket watching?"
by WhoDatBe🔌 July 19, 2017
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