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A word used to make obese people feel better about themselves
by MonkeyPr April 23, 2018
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a nicer way to refer to someone who is overweight, typically a female model. It is a term that tries to make being overweight seem like a GOOD thing when in fact it is not. the modelling industry has been criticized for starving its models so now some people feel the need to turn things around and make muffin tops the new trend. We come in all shapes and sizes but that doesn't mean we need to embrace being unhealthy whether that means glorifying big thigh gaps and collar bones or saying a "real woman" needs to have something you can "grab onto" or that her belly needs to be able to serve as a natural pillow that you can rest your head on
person 1 - "isn't she a bit big for modelling?"
person 2 - "she's a plus size model"
person 1 - "ohhhh"
person 3 - "now that's what you call a REAL woman!"
person 4 - "nice to see a model that has some meat on her bones for a change!"
person 5 - "she is very beautiful but she isn't healthy. she definitely needs to exercise a bit more but then again so does a big proportion of our "real woman" population."

person 6 - "from one extreme to another. why can't they only use models that look healthy? Oh I forgot, they need to $$$ appeal $$$ to the MAJORITY in order for them to buy their products... and the majority of women don't look like Candice Swanepoel... "
by ToastedBallsack February 08, 2014
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a beautifly shaped female with some extra meat on her body. Must have very prety face.
Look at that plus size model on a runway. I'd love to kiss her chubby belly.
by plussize August 24, 2009
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