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Cunnilingus, or the stimulation of the female genitals by a tongue, male or female.
Sally loved having her pussy licked so Steve would often have a ploughman's lunch.
by Nikki-D March 21, 2007
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The act of being a bit touchy feely around your mates girlfriend when you are a bit drunk
oi fuck off Ploughmans & stop being lunchy around my bird - ploughmans lunch
by Son Of Byford May 13, 2010
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A heterosexual sexual act involving the use of the reverse piledriver position (where the women lays on here back with her pussy raised in the air while the man, facing the same way, squats and inserts his penis downwards), ejaculation is then followed by the man shitting over the woman's chest and laughing.
I just had a great Ploughman's Lunch with my girlfriend and then I ate a sandwhich.
by IndependenceMissouri September 21, 2009
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