In a piece of fiction, a Plot Hole is a completely implausible occurrence or series of events that contradicts logic or previously established events in the story. Includes things such as unlikely behaviour or actions of characters, illogical or impossible events, events happening for no apparent reason, or statements/events that contradict earlier events in the storyline.

A Plot Hole is NOT a simple omission of information or unanswered question. These can only be considered a Plot Hole if said omission has no plausible explanation AND is essential information to the overall story's outcome.
Plot Hole: Something that goes against logic or the previous events in the fiction.
Not a Plot Hole: A small unexplained event in the story.

ACTUAL Plot Hole: In Batman Begins a microwave emitter is used to vaporize the water in Gotham to release a psychedelic drug that the water has been laced with. However, the microwaves would in all actuality caused all of the water molecules in every human body to boil and kill everyone very painfully. But this does not happen in the movie.

NOT a Plot Hole: In The Dark Knight Rises, not explaining how Bruce Wayne manages to get back onto the Island of Gotham after it has been cut off from the rest of the world.
by sensfan19_15 February 11, 2013
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A portion of scripted material, usually in a movie or television show, that absolutely makes no sense at all and should have never been concieved by the writer(s) to begin with. A bump in the plot so bad that it kills any suspension of disbelief the viewer had.
Did you ever see Jeepers Creepers? Why would a young girl on a long drive with her boyfriend ever want to stop at a creepy farm to investigate someone shoving what seems to be a body into a hole in the ground? Most women let along younger girls I know won't even step on a bug.

Thats a plot hole you can drive a truck through.
by Brok Lee May 2, 2005
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Something in a fictional story that the person using the expression “plot hole”, doesn’t understand.
by Pierre Latour August 9, 2020
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1.Missing information or a break in the continuity of a storyline.

2.An unexplained event or inplausible situation in a storyline.
1. "I never understood why Wallace give the ring back at the end of the movie. That was a serious plot hole."

2. "What I never got about that game 'Doom' was why there were chainsaws on Mars. That just screams, 'PLOT HOLE!'"
by B_GG July 13, 2006
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A plot hole of such immense proportions, that you could drive a proverbial eighteen wheeler through it.
"How did Harry go back in time and save himself, nothing would've happened, he would have lost his soul to the Dementors already, right? I don't get it."
"No. It's just a plot hole you can drive a truck through."
by Trek August 25, 2006
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A plot hole that could be great or could be garbage at the same time, until an explanation comes out you will never know
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Unexplained occurences in the narrative of film and fiction.plot holes can be major or minor.
Here are 2 examples of . Plot holes in the movie to live and die in la: example 1: when agent chance is chasing a counterfeiting mule through the airport there's a police officer chasing him.when chance stops chasing the police is no longer behind him (minor plot hole) example 2: special agent Rick chance lives in a malibu beach front cottage. How can he afford that on his treasury man's salary? Is he taking graft or has something else going on the streets in la that is not revealed in the course of the narrative?(minor plot hole)
by 4realazitgits April 16, 2021
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